A Film by

James Redford and Kirby Walker



Learn how to protect your family.


Join the coalition to demand reform.



Produced and Directed by

James Redford and Kirby Walker



Edited by

Jen Bradwell



Cinematography by

John Kiffmeyer

Tylor Norwood



Music by

Daniel Lanois




Additional Camera

Gregg Betonte

John Behrens

Peter Kent


Erik Van Lenten

Alan Hereford

Joseph Hudson

Blue Hour Films



Sound Recording

Dylan Hurley


Additional Sound

Marshal Potter

Javier Roberto Carlos

Tom Holman

Jim Sander



Line Producer

Brook Holston


Production Coordinator

Shannon Stirone


Associate Producer

Cassandra Jabola


Production Intern

Lauren Gilbertson



Additional Editing

Jeffrey Boyette


Assistant Editors

Joel White

Luke Shock

Remedy Editorial





Sound Design and Re-recording Mixer

Bob Edwards




Post Production Sound Services Provided by

Skywalker Sound

a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California





Post Production Supervisor

Kim Aubry


HD Post Production by

ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions, San Francisco



On Line Editors & Graphic Design

Ri Crawford

Michael Fleming


Color Grading

Leo Hallal





Story Researcher

Carson Cornbrooks


Archival Footage Research

Adele Sparks


Research & Fact Checking

Charles Wilson






Music Clearances

Brooke Wentz

The Rights Workshop


Legal Services Provided by

Chris Perez

Donaldson & Callif LLP


Elaine M. Rogers

Meister, Selig & Fein LLP






Insurance Services Provided by

Jesus Abad


Truman Van Dyke Company


Production Accounting Services Provided by

Anjelica L. Gazzano

Nelson, Vogelhiem & Phillips LLP



Marketing and Publicity Consultant

Diana Iles Parker






Box of Reds”

written by Ethan Okamura,

Stephen Trivelpiece,

Taylor Cutcomb, Michael Pinkham

Performed by This Old Earthquake

Courtesy of This Old Earthquake


"White Mustang II"

Written by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois

Performed by Daniel Lanois

Courtesy of Ontario Inc.


With Antron & Nylon”

Better Things For Better Living”

used with permission

courtesy of Michael Brown Enterprises




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Martha Dina Argüello

Hannah Baker

Maggie Baker

Abby Baker

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Frances Beinecke

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Heidi Botts

Leslie Walker Burlock

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George Pappajohn, Associate Managing

Editor, Investigations

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Marine Academy Class of 2014

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Elsie Pingree

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Kyle Redford

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

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